Adam and Jirka, two boys in love with design from the 60s, 70s and 80s, decided to share their passion with others and show that Czechoslovakian socialist design (which is despised by many people) might in fact be a stylish accessory for modern apartments. In their showroom, located on the site of the former Praga company at Kolbenova, Nanovo renovates and sells a range of interesting furniture, home accessories, lamps, glass and industrial design items of the era.

The boys really live for gathering and renovating these amazing exemplars. Just try to ask about their favourite pieces and you can be sure that they will be initially reluctant to sell them. Their workroom is open to the public by prior arrangement only but do not be discouraged by it – it is an indescribable experience. You can have a first-hand experience of sitting in a well-known Egg chair designed by Peter Ghyczy, browsing through period magazines and books about living and design, and you can also talk to the boys about their passion and how the understanding of design and architecture of the end of the last century slowly changes.

However, even if you prefer regular opening hours and set out for the winding streets of the Old Town, you will not be disappointed! The boys have opened a new showroom right in the heart of Prague – the Týnská Street near the Old Town Square. You will find the best that Nanovo has to offer there.

You’re into apartment equipment from the years 60’s till 80’s. Is this interior design of ours getting a new opportunity? Does it stop being disregarded?
The design of furniture and equipment from the years 60’s till 80’s is surely getting a new chance and it stops being perceived just like a reminder of the former regime. The younger generation isn’t that influenced by the past as our parents are, who didn’t have much of a variety at choosing the furniture.
In terms of your work you certainly have the opportunities to get into many interesting apartments. Have you come across flats equipped just with the furniture of the era you concentrate on?
Honestly, we get just very rarely to apartments where we could find anything for our shop, there’s simply no time. We’ve gotten to some apartments a few times that were furnished by solely colorful sector furniture by the Interier Praha company.

What do you consider being a typical contemporary Czech apartment? What does it look like? How does yours look?
I think people pay very little attention to the environment they live in, so one might say the contemporary Czech apartment is just boring. There are a few major stores with furniture where most of the people get stuff. Then there are people who think about the space and the way they feel inside it and those purchase furniture elsewhere. My apartment is furnished by the stuff from our shop, we got a bit at the flea markets both in the Czech Republic and Europe. The bookshelves we made ourselves. It is interesting to cooperate with carpenters and blacksmiths, in that case you can think of anything with size that fits perfectly.

Is there any item in your collection you would never give away? Who is its author?
We had gotten this question a couple of times already and so far the named item was always sold anyway. The thing we keep and don’t sell is the Castelli chair. We used to have 10 pieces and just 2 are left, each of us keeps one at home now.

Is there any piece of furniture you dream of and you still haven’t been able to get it?
There’re loads of stuff we dream of. Both Czech and from abroad, for example the chairs and armchairs from Hotel Ještěd, the armchairs from the Thermal Hotel Karlovy Vary or equipment from the demolished Hotel Praha. Concerning abroad, we’d love to get a hold of the furniture by Jean Prouvé or Dieter Rams.

Where do you see Nanovo in ten years’ time?

We’ve got a plenty of ideas we’d love to handle in future, for instance stores in Prague, it would be fun to furnish a café too. We also want to organize an exhibition.

(Adam Karásek, Nanovo co-owner)


Contact Opening hours
+420 608 907 899
+420 603 145 362
Nanovo studio
Kolbenova 616
190 00 Prague 9
Visits by appointment only.
Nanovo showroom
Týnská ulička 8
110 00 Prague 1
Monday - Sunday: 11:00 - 19:00

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