When a long-standing passion results in starting a business, the customers will get the greatest benefit and they will gladly come back again and again. The owner’s excitement is infectious and can change the atmosphere of a whole place, including the attitude of the other staff.

In this case, the enthusiasm for music and search for new talents on the scene led to the opening of the Musictown Record Store. Its founder Jakub Sedláček will offer you a selection of the latest trends in music replica omega and if you have a special wish he will do his best to find and order it for you. The best thing about Musictown is a huge collection of vinyls that will delight every owner of a record-player and the rest will be tempted to purchase such a magical machine too. Despite technical progress, record-players have experienced a strong comeback in recent years. Paradoxically, in the age of MP3, most contemporary bands release their music digitally as well as on vinyl.

From time to time, Musictown Record Store stays open even at night and hosts live concerts of talented music artists. Such events always turn out to be a great experience full of good music right under the Žižkov tower.

In Musictown one can purchase music on various media. We suppose that vinyl records play the most important role for you. Do your customers feel the same way about it?
Vinyl records really do play an important role for me personally and I’d say most of my customers feel the same, given the increase in vinyl sales compared to other media. I also present the store as a record store in the first place. After all, the name Musictown Record Store says it all.

Vinyls have had a comeback and have been popular with bands as well as their fans. Do you think it’s a short-lived trend?
According to my friends from abroad the big boom of vinyls  hasn’t come to Prague yet. I’d expect a decrease in the sales of  CDs in the future, while the LPs and digital music survives. Today’s small bands offer their music in the digital format and try to release it on LPs at the same time. Their fans get record players and the demand grows.

You moved Musictown from the busy shopping mall to right under the Žižkov TV tower. What changes has the new address brought along?
The new address meant liberation in a way. Most of all from the rules from above, that are directively set in commercial centres. I didn’t have enough possibilities and couldn’t express more initiative in Europark Štěrboholy, where I ran the business for 7 years. The new address made it possible for me to adjust the selection and gave more space to independent production, that is closer to my taste. On the other hand, the genre range is still wide even at Žižkov and the commercial musicians have their place here too.

You organize live concerts in your store from time to time. What do you like about this type of intimate music events?
Live performances belong to music stores, although people here weren’t so used to it. The band supports the sale of their record that way and also the place where they play. The most important thing for me is the closeness of the interpret, whose physical presence is here in the store a lot more tangible than in a club, let alone giant arenas. It is as if the band played in your living room and that is a fascinating feeling.

Which of the Prague clubs is your favourite?
I like NEONE club, where I can enjoy dance music at weekends. I regularly go to MeetFactory to see live concerts. Another place I like is Basement Bar which has great music and a good vibe.

You surely have a great collection of records at home. Which do you value the most?
I only buy the records I really want, so I value my entire collection. And a specific record? The record Space Is Only Noise by Nicolas Jaar comes to mind. I got it three years ago in London and now it’s not available for sale anymore.

(Jakub Sedláček, Musictown Record Store owner)

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