A blue neone Lazy Eye has been glowing on Ibsenova street at Vinohrady since spring 2014. Its owner Hana Noble graduated from Art History, but her love for the 50's style incidentally led her career to fashion. Hana had bought her first vintage dress during her travels in the United States and she asked her friend to tailor similar pieces from different kinds of fabrics. Hana’s growing collection made her become a fashion stylist and from there it was a just a matter of time for her brand to come to life. In spring 2013, Hana had opened a shop named Lazy Boudoir at Letná and a year later she moved her showroom to Vinohrady where she lives.

Although Hana never considered herself a fashion designer, her name appeared in the nomination for the Czech Grand Design Awards 2012 in the category Fashion designer of the year. It’s actually her mother and her mother's neighbor who sew the dresses according to the original patterns from the 40's a 50's. When it comes to the Lazy Eye fashion shows, she prefers to call them ladies’ dates. She also regularly organizes Poxxoxo Roller Skate Disco event with her friends, where you can skate and dance at the same time.

New designs of dresses and ideas increase the line of satisfied customers, who are not ashamed to show their feminity with grace. The Lazy Eye collection has been recently enriched with luxurious Lazy Noble series from high quality materials.

You design dress in the style of the 40’s and 50’s. Do you stick to the original materials of the times or do you rather improvise?
I used to stick just to the old pattern. Right now we design our own dresses, but the original patterns remain the principal inspiration. We only adjust them so that they suit more for present-day needs.
Is fashion the only aspect of the era you are in love with? What about music or films?
I love everything about the 40’s and 50’s – the cars, the music, the fashion, the furniture, the films. I also love the new films that take place back in those times.

Your dresses often appear on pages of fashion magazines and are worn by many Czech actresses. Who are your customers in general?
The scale of our customers is wide, from young girls to old ladies, from actresses to artists, from students to managers and executives of major companies.

How does your shop work actually? Can anybody come over and choose dress on a spot, or do you rather design it to fit individual needs?
Anybody can come Monday till Friday and choose out of the dresses already made. We have those in maximally 3 sizes of a pattern. We tailor wedding dresses and gowns for formal occasions and rarely going out dresses. We’ve got a new model every week so I think that really everyone can pick their own.

Aside from your Lazy Eye brand you also organize the Roller Skate Disco, a party on retro roller-skates. Do girls go there in the dresses you make?
The Roller Skate Disco is another great affection of mine along with the fashion design. I like wearing disco models of the 70’s to this event. I love the 70’s in general – the music, the fashion, but most of all the cars! Just now I’m preparing a collection dedicated to this decade. It’s going to be a kind of fusion of the 40’s and 70’s.

You keep wearing dress all the time. Is there any hope to see you wearing trousers?
Obviously, I wear dress most of all, but I wear trousers too. For instance we make trousers with high waist or shorts inspired by the 50’s. Actually, I gladly put on the 70’s disco style trousers and go for a ride on skates or just go to a bar in the evening. Well, yeah, you definitely can’t practice yoga in the kind of models we make!

(Hana Noble, Lazy Eye owner)

Contact Opening hours
+420 728 630 275
Monday - Thursday: 13:00 - 19:00
Friday: 13:00 - 17:00

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