Although Czech department stores from the second half of the 20th century are usually seen as ugly remnants of the communist past, not worth preserving and caring for, they are actually quite unique and people are getting ready to change their perception of them. The strangeness they emanate is to a certain extent created by the unsettled times they were made in.

After the Expo 1958 in Brussels, a new mode of aesthetics penetrated Czechoslovakia and inspired the Czechs with new concepts of living and urbanism. This incoming trend was primarily represented by Věra and Vladimír Machonin, a married couple and the creators of iconic buildings like Kotva or DBK. Kotva department store became a symbol of Czech architecture of the 1970s. It is characteristic for its well-studied geometry, emphasis on materials such as metal and concrete, and ingenious disposition. Although Kotva has been reconstructed many times since, it still reminds us of the brutalist revolution in architecture.

However, the stumbling blocks of the communist regime were soon placed on the couple’s path. It didn't take long for the obstacles to arrive and the couple was banned from continuing their work. Only a few of their great plans were fully realised and these are most definitely not to be missed!

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